Dealers Replacing Salespeople with Product Geniuses Using Video Displays

Wall Street Journal

Speed Read:

Rows and rows of cars are flying out of dealerships.

Luxury dealerships getting rid of cubicles & installing flat screens TV and digital monitors.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Seeking to hire product experts, like those in Apple stores
  • Eliminating pressure on the salesperson & the customer to close the sale
  • BMW moving toward reducing cars in inventory & delivering more information
  • No more “salesman” standing around a showroom waiting for next UP
  • Dealers looking for new software to load on iPads
  • Seeking to sell more cars with Google Analytics & programs
  • Use of interactive displays & virtual demonstrations
  • Moving toward low touch services from web-manned call centers
  • Dealers looking for product experts or geniuses to work with customers


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