What Does “Connected Car” Mean?


Speed Read:

The “connected car” is a phrase the automotive industry has played around with for years that’s now becoming better known to consumers.

It’s how your vehicle connects with you, your smartphone, the road, other vehicles, its manufacturer and itself.

Drill-Down Details:

Here are five things consumers should know about the connected car:

5. The “revolution” is here: Vehicles communicate with a host of internal and external parties. Sensors communicate with parts of a vehicle and controllers to next-generation technologies are being developed for navigation and safety features.

4. Infotainment: Awkward way to say Internet on wheels

3. Auto+Tech= Progress: The rapid expansion of in-vehicle technologies, automakers and suppliers find themselves combining with software and technology companies more than ever.

2. Autonomous not so automatic:  autonomous vehicles can drive themselves using sensors, map data and cameras. A semi-automated vehicle is one that has the ability to drive itself under certain circumstances, but always keeps the driver in the loop.

1. No single answer: The bottom line is no matter what aspect of the growing connected car conversation you are discussing, there isn’t going to be one end-all solution, according to officials.





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