3. Get Your Salespeople Off Their iPads & In Front of Customers

Automotive News

Speed Read:

The sales process in a dealership seems now to be about iPads, psyching out Gen Y and sitting in front of monitor.

Get ‘em off the computer: the way and the art of selling a car has changed & it needs to.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Dealership sales success is riding on the salespeople
  • Leading sales consultant say salespeople need to get with customers
  • Spending too much time on transactions and not people
  • The art of selling cars has changed, says the great Grant Cardone
  • Gen Y seems to be “laboratory rat” for creating new sales process
  • Salespeople need better training to speed up sales time
  • Need to handle technical issues and know the products
  • Just need to get the sales done and customer out the door
  • Joe Verde thinks GenY focus is exaggerated; Says nothing has changed
  • Talking to people who do not want to come to a showroom
  • Consultants say get your sales people off their computers


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