NSC Surveys Cell Phone Policies

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Employer poli­cies to help pre­vent dis­tracted dri­ving on the job are being passed by a grow­ing num­ber of employ­ers. Are you one of them?

The National Safety Coun­cil is ask­ing employ­ers to par­tic­i­pate in a short sur­vey about their organization’s cell phone pol­icy to help them under­stand what employ­ers are includ­ing in cell phone poli­cies, but also how the National Safety Coun­cil can bet­ter help com­pa­nies imple­ment their policies.

If you haven’t used it already, NSC has a free Cell Phone Pol­icy Kit to help you pass a pol­icy and edu­cate employ­ees about it.