Six in Sixty — Dec. 18, 2013

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Here are Six Indus­try Devel­op­ments that you can read & absorb in less than a minute (’cause you want to be the smartest guy/gal in the room):

Auc­tion Net­work Sets Best Prac­tices & Comm Stan­dards for 2014 — Press Release

  • Lead by Pat­ty Stan­ley, 31 mem­ber auc­tion net­work is 25 years old
  • Sees increase in auc­tion vol­ume in 2014 due to lease returns
  • Has Tech­nol­o­gy, Social Media, and Events com­mit­tees
  • Com­pli­ance, upstream bid­ding, and auto grade sys­tems are pri­or­i­ties
  • Con­sis­tent­ly rat­ed top ser­vice provider by indus­try con­signors

Are You Afraid Your Car is Going to Be Hacked? — Auto­mo­tive News

  • Imag­ine hack­er remote­ly tak­ing con­trol of your car
  • Car hack­ing has become obses­sion of Con­gress
  • Indus­try needs to take prob­lem more seri­ous­ly
  • Heat is on Con­gress and OEMs to pro­tect cars
  • Putting peo­ple fears to rest is biggest issue

Europe Car Sales to Increase Slight­ly, Pric­ing Weak — Auto­mo­tive News

  • Small sales rise expect­ed for Novem­ber num­bers
  • Sus­tained month to month growth is being main­tained
  • Pric­ing a prob­lem for most Euro­pean OEMs
  • Mas­sive over­pro­duc­tion per­sists
  • 2 to 3% Sales rise expect­ed in 2014

X by Wire Makes Con­sumers Fear­ful of Run­away cars — Auto­mo­tive News

  • Elec­tron­ic impulse fea­ture designed in cars
  • Promise to make cars safer, lighter & eas­i­er to build
  • Brak­ing sys­tems that make inat­ten­tive dri­vers safer
  • Num­ber of parts in a car being dras­ti­cal­ly reduced
  • No more vac­u­um and pow­er steer­ing pumps

Cold Weath­er = High Demand for SUV’s, Trucks — Auto Remar­ket­ing

  • Con­sumers look­ing at reli­able win­ter cars
  • SUVs and trucks are scarce in cold areas
  • Boston & Chica­go have high demand for SUVs
  • Trucks par­tic­u­lar­ly scarce in Philadel­phia

Dig­i­tal Media Tak­ing Glob­al Ad Mar­ket from TV — Finan­cial Times

  • TV about to lose no. 1 posi­tion in Glob­al Ad Vol­ume
  • TV to cap­ture over 40% of the total buys
  • Ads buy­ing being reshaped by Glob­al ad mar­ket
  • Buy­ing ads in real time is becom­ing a trend



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