Six in Sixty — Dec. 18, 2013

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Here are Six Industry Developments that you can read & absorb in less than a minute (’cause you want to be the smartest guy/gal in the room):

Auction Network Sets Best Practices & Comm Standards for 2014 – Press Release

  • Lead by Patty Stanley, 31 member auction network is 25 years old
  • Sees increase in auction volume in 2014 due to lease returns
  • Has Technology, Social Media, and Events committees
  • Compliance, upstream bidding, and auto grade systems are priorities
  • Consistently rated top service provider by industry consignors

Are You Afraid Your Car is Going to Be Hacked? – Automotive News

  • Imagine hacker remotely taking control of your car
  • Car hacking has become obsession of Congress
  • Industry needs to take problem more seriously
  • Heat is on Congress and OEMs to protect cars
  • Putting people fears to rest is biggest issue

Europe Car Sales to Increase Slightly, Pricing Weak – Automotive News

  • Small sales rise expected for November numbers
  • Sustained month to month growth is being maintained
  • Pricing a problem for most European OEMs
  • Massive overproduction persists
  • 2 to 3% Sales rise expected in 2014

X by Wire Makes Consumers Fearful of Runaway cars – Automotive News

  • Electronic impulse feature designed in cars
  • Promise to make cars safer, lighter & easier to build
  • Braking systems that make inattentive drivers safer
  • Number of parts in a car being drastically reduced
  • No more vacuum and power steering pumps

Cold Weather = High Demand for SUV’s, Trucks – Auto Remarketing

  • Consumers looking at reliable winter cars
  • SUVs and trucks are scarce in cold areas
  • Boston & Chicago have high demand for SUVs
  • Trucks particularly scarce in Philadelphia

Digital Media Taking Global Ad Market from TV – Financial Times

  • TV about to lose no. 1 position in Global Ad Volume
  • TV to capture over 40% of the total buys
  • Ads buying being reshaped by Global ad market
  • Buying ads in real time is becoming a trend



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