CEI Presents to Oklahoma Fleet Management Association and Wisconsin NAFA Chapter

Kathi Croze, CEI’s national sales manager for the government fleet market, shared with attendees at the Oklahoma Fleet Management Association meeting last week how outsourcing their collision repair work can help municipal fleets save money and make better use of their labor force. Croze was invited to be a charter member of the association, which held its first meeting in four years on December 5, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Two of the primary reasons government fleets use CEI for collision repair services are that their repair cycle time is greatly reduced and the data we collect and return to them is in an easily manageable format. We can break down their repair costs and accident information so they know the who, what, when, where and how much of each accident and by department. That information is very powerful to them,” Croze said.

In November, CEI gave a presentation on further reducing fleet accidents with timely messages safety messages that target specific segments of the driver population. Ryan Dickens, CEI’s Midwest regional sales manager, told members of the Wisconsin chapter of the NAFA Fleet Management Association during their monthly meeting about the benefits of microtargeting messages to drivers. “Microtargeting personalizes data in meaningful ways by delivering a message uniquely tailored to a driver or group of drivers,” Dickens said.

Traditional, generic safety messages have helped fleets achieve reductions in accidents, but they realize they’re reaching a results plateau. Dicken said that microtargeted messages rely on two advantages that online fleet safety and risk management systems provide: the ability to segment fleet driver populations by a number of different parameters, like location, tenure, risk scores and whether they have management responsibility; and data that can be used to detect emerging trends in the number of different types of fleet accidents and their severity.


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