Selling GPS Fleet Tracking to Upper Management

As NAFA has been sharing with its membership, making effective presentations to upper management is vital part of the fleet manager’s skill set today. GPS fleet tracking is a solution for fleet priorities such as monitoring fleet driver behavior and lowering fuel and labor costs. GPS Insight has outlined a way to pitch GPS fleet tracking to upper management to achieve these results.

Identify the Problems: Upper management may not be aware of fleet management issues that GPS fleet tracking addresses, or they may be very aware and hold high expectations. These fleet management issues could be routing, fuel consumption, safety, customer service, scheduled maintenance, or any other specific goals that the fleet uses GPS fleet tracking to achieve.

Share the Data: Upper management needs to be convinced that the return on investment in GPS fleet tracking is realistic. Some GPS fleet tracking companies will work with fleet managers throughout a free trial period to show where improvements can be made, summarize the data, and explain how the technology can make improvements needed by the company.

Propose the Solution: Upper management is usually looking to fleet managers to make recommendations that they can support. Once the problems are identified and the data shared on the GPS fleet tracking trial experience, fleet managers can make clear recommendations. Explaining how the company can save a significant amount of money and drive productivity to increase revenue will add to a fleet manager’s value to their company.



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