Luxury Sales Race Heats Up

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While Mer­cedes and BMW run neck-and-neck for the top spot in U.S. pre­mi­um car sales, there are a host of oth­er automak­ers with great fea­tures tug­ging on their heels.

Find out more about the lux­u­ry sedans that strive to move up in the rank­ings.

Cadil­lac ranks fourth in the pre­mi­um brand sales rank­ings with a 30% surge from 2012. Through the first sev­en months, Cadil­lac deliv­ered slight­ly few­er than 100,000 units. The brand new ATS pre­mi­um com­pact con­ven­tion­al mod­el con­tributed sales of 22,088 units this year, off­set­ting a decline in CTS sales. How­ev­er, a redesigned 2014 Cadil­lac CTS Sedan, which debuted at the 2013 New York Inter­na­tion­al Auto Show, will like­ly boost demand as it is longer and lighter than the mid­size pre­mi­um mod­el it replaces. The SRX has remained Cadillac’s best sell­er so far this year.

Acu­ra, which ranks fifth in lux­u­ry sales, has post­ed a 7.4% year-over-year sales increase. Like the Lexus and Cadil­lac brands, Acura’s best-sell­ing mod­el is a pre­mi­um CUV. Sales of the 2014 Acu­ra RDX dou­bled last year’s sales vol­ume in the same peri­od. Also, the mid­size pre­mi­um MDX was Acura’s sec­ond-strongest mod­el. The new­ly launched redesigned mod­el has already start­ed to boost sales, with the full impact expect­ed to be felt in the sec­ond half of 2013.

Top 10 Best-Sell­ing Pre­mi­um Mod­els in U.S. Mar­ket

Pre­mi­um Mod­el Sub-Seg­ment YTD 2013 YTD 2012
BMW 3 Series Com­pact Pre­mi­um Conv. 59,052 54,415
Lexus RX-Series Mid­size Pre­mi­um CUV 54,255 51,374
Mer­cedes-Benz C-Class Com­pact Pre­mi­um Conv. 53,506 43,349
Lexus ES-Series Com­pact Pre­mi­um Conv. 39,582 22,024
Mer­cedes-Benz E-Class Mid­size Pre­mi­um Conv. 29,717 30,844
BMW 5 Series Mid­size Pre­mi­um Conv. 29,211 31,892
Cadil­lac SRX Com­pact Pre­mi­um CUV 28,933 30,361
Infini­ti G-Series Com­pact Pre­mi­um Conv. 27,507 36,114
Acu­ra RDX Com­pact Pre­mi­um CUV 26,136 13,937
BMW X5 Mid­size Pre­mi­um CUV 24,133 22,264

Source: PIN YTD Sales: Jan­u­ary-July 2013 and 2012



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