August Looked Very Good in Volume and Pricing

Art Spinella
CNW Research

August was a very good month for US retail used vehicle sales for volume and pricing. The market saw 4.1 million units sold, and that was up 5.6% versus August 2012. Private Party Casual saw the biggest percentage increase at 7.8%; Independent dealers had a 4.96% increase and Franchised dealers saw 4.47%. Transaction prices for all three channels were at $9,371, up 1.93% from last year.

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Dealers Saw Higher Volume than Private Party Casual in August:
Franchised sold 1.55M units, Independents 1.39M, and Private Party Casual 1.14M.

Franchised Saw Highest Transaction Prices at $13,146, Up 3.9% from Year Ago:
Independents dropped 0.23% to $7,070, and Private Party up 1.03% at $7,069.

Passenger Cars Saw Strong Month as Share of Total Sales Rose 12.6%:
Trucks were down 2.04% and SUVs were off 16.35%.


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