Auction Sales Volume Seeing Growth Over Past Year


Dr. Ira Silver
NAAA Economist
National Auto Auction Association

Auctions have been seeing a strong year for unit volume sold, at a time when other remarketing channels are experiencing growth. National Auto Auction Association reports that auction volume was up 10.1% over July 2012 and 5.2% year-to-date. Pricing at auctions has not seen such a strong year and has been down – 1.5% compared to July 2012 and 3% for this year.

Here’s the latest market indicators from National Auto Auction Association

New Vehicle Sales (Seasonally Adjusted) Seeing Strong Volume:
Up 11.1% since July 2012 and up 8.6% in volume year-to-date.

Used Vehicle Sales Volume Down From Year Ago:
Down 0.4% from July 2012, but volumes are up for year – 3.1% year-to-date.

Consumer Spending Activity Looking Stable from 2012 and for this Year:
Real consumer spending (seasonally adjusted) up 2% from prior year, 1.9% YTD.



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