These 5 40-MPG Sedans Are on the Market Today!


Green Car Reports

As tougher gas mileage stan­dards get closer and closer to the man­date date of 2025, automak­ers are putting more high fuel mileage sedans in their lineup, and here are some you can pur­chase right now.

Take a look at five mid-size sedans that get at least 40 mpg today.

Imag­ine it’s 2025 and the full impact of tougher gas-mileage reg­u­la­tions has taken effect.

That year, it’s easy to buy a mid-size sedan–perhaps even some­thing a bit larger–that returns 40 mpg in reg­u­lar use.

Here’s the thing, though: For 2013, there are already a hand­ful of sedans that do that.

We’ve recently tested a few hybrid sedans, and two of them–the 2013 Toy­ota Avalon Hybrid and the lux­ury 2013 Lexus ES 300h–showed 40.0 mpg (or a few tenths higher) on their dash displays.

We drove both on our usual test route, which is about two-thirds high­way and one-third around-town usage.

And with bet­ter noise sup­pres­sion than ever before, the cars mask the char­ac­ter­is­tic hybrid behavior—howling engine under hard acceleration–so well that some dri­vers may never know they’re actu­ally pow­ered not only by a com­bus­tion engine but by an elec­tric motor as well.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but these are hardly exotic cars: They’re hybrid ver­sions of high-volume sedans that sell in the tens of thou­sands every year.

The num­ber of cars that do just that will grow in the years to come. Here’s our list of this year’s cars that get 40 mpg or higher.

(1) 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid: 47 mpg combined

(2) 2013 Lin­coln MKZ Hybrid: 45 mpg combined

(3) 2013 Toy­ota Camry Hybrid LE: 41 mpg combined

(4) 2013 Lexus ES 300h: 40 mpg combined

(5) 2013 Toy­ota Avalon Hybrid: 40 mpg combined