Is Your Dealership Suffering From the 7 Digital Sins of Attribution?

The Situation:

Whether your dealership has already embraced complex digital marketing strategies or is just starting to advertise online, it’s important to look at how your store’s efforts are aligned with the actions of today’s car buyer.

The Solution:

The FREE WEBINAR will be held Thursday, September 12th. Trainer Ed Woelfle will discuss how seven common online measurement missteps could be damaging your dealership’s bottom line.

Whether your dealership is affected by just one or all seven, this webinar will help you get your dealership on track and prepared for success.

Dealers who attend the webinar will:

  • Learn how common measurement myths may be costing their store sales and revenue
  • Understand which metrics matter today given changes in shopping behavior
  • Gain a strong foundation for looking at their business differently, including evolving dealership processes and making more effective marketing decisions

You will be able to log in to the event from 10:30AM CDT on Thursday, September 12, 2013, and the broadcast will start at 11:00AM CDT.





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