Improving Dealership Image Begins at the Dealership

The Problem at Most Dealerships:

Car dealerships often start with a bad reputation in a shopper’s mind – particularly if the customer is unfamiliar with your dealership, statistically they just assume the dealership can’t be trusted.

Ways to Motivate Your Employees as Dealership Ambassadors:

1.  Plan for Success: Hold weekly and monthly meetings for plan for success and go over what goals have been achieved and what you are still reaching for. Stay focused and ask your team to write down their ideas and suggestions for a “Creative Meeting” to go over the growth of the company. Before your meetings be sure to have an outline sent to everyone that will be in attendance at least two hours beforehand and encourage your team to be prepared for brainstorming.

2.  Know Your Employees’ Strengths: When hiring an employee, do a personality and strengths profile. This is important because you can learn what position they are best suited for and how they communicate. When implementing a new strategy or idea for your company or department, hold a strategy meeting and go over what you are planning to do with your company or department. Then ask your team to write down who they think would be best suited for the new task or position and ask them to explain why. Your team works with one another on a weekly, daily and hourly basis; they know each other’s strengths in much more detail than you will.

3.  Have Clear Processes in Place: If you do not have a clear process for every task that needs to be done, there will be inconsistency and failure. So set your team up for success, and make sure to always anticipate anything that may come up. Have someone create a manual for each position and have processes in place so each employee will be able to be self-sufficient and confident about their position.

4.  Be Proud of Your Employees: Set goals for your individual employees and your team. Have prizes and bonuses in place that let them know that you are proud of what they have accomplished. Encourage them to be self-starters, and thank them when they have stepped out of the box to help grow the division or company.

5.  Turn Mistakes into Learning Experiences: When a mistake happens, take the time to determine what caused it, how it can be fixed and how it can be prevented in the future. Create a process write-up and hold a training meeting to use the mistake as an example to improve your department or division. Don’t focus on the employee; turn every mistake into a learning opportunity for your team.

What You Need to Teach Your Employees Today:

  • Every action your employees take is a reflection of your business.
  • Set forth expectations for your employees acting as brand ambassadors.
  • Empower your employees to make judgment calls and take action to avoid a negative customer experience.
  • Reward them for these acts of intervention when appropriate.

Mike Gorun is Managing Partner and CEO of Performance Loyalty Group, a division of Media Trac. Learn more when you read the two articles that pertain to Reputation Management and Employee Engagement here.




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