Chevy Corvette Stingray Seeks Out Younger Buyers

Detroit Free Press’s Kelsey Mays takes a clos­er look at the 2014 Corvette Stingray in this video, as the lat­est Corvette offer­ing is aimed at reach­ing buy­ers in their 40s, and even younger.

What is GM doing to attract more of the upward­ly mobile buy­ers?

Just remove the hard­top roof pan­el of a new Corvette Stingray, punch the accel­er­a­tor to ful­ly absorb the reas­sur­ing rum­ble of its V-8 and feel the wind in your hair. You may find the answer.

Chevro­let has com­plete­ly updat­ed its famous sports car in a bid for more respect among world-class sports cars, and with an eye to attract­ing new and younger fans and buy­ers. The 2014 Corvette aims valiant­ly to shed an image of being the embod­i­ment of the Ugly Amer­i­can — pow­er­ful yet unre­fined and fat.

The Corvette’s new cock­pit makes full use of real stuff — leather, car­bon-fiber accents and alu­minum — in con­trast to a sea of plas­tic that marked the out­go­ing mod­el. At 460 horse­pow­er, the 6.2-liter V-8 with the per­for­mance exhaust sys­tem has 25 more ponies than the engine it replaces, yet is pow­er­ful, smooth and more effi­cient. On undu­lat­ing roads near Mon­terey, Calif., Corvette is fun and con­fi­dent, plant­i­ng itself firm­ly in even the tight­est curves.

The whole pack­age is good enough that for the sev­enth gen­er­a­tion of the car since Corvette rolled out in 1953, Chevro­let is declar­ing war anew on Porsche and oth­er Euro­pean sports cars. In the process, it also is tak­ing dead aim at younger, afflu­ent dri­ving enthu­si­asts who may have writ­ten off Corvette as their dad’s play­thing.

The aver­age age of a buy­er of the cur­rent Corvette has been climb­ing each year and now is in the high 50s. It wants more of the upward­ly mobile buy­ers in their 40s and even younger look­ing to reward them­selves. Plus, Corvette attracts more blue-col­lar cus­tomers than oth­er sports car brands. Noth­ing wrong with that, but it does mean that more buy­ers have to stretch their bud­gets for one. Gen­er­al Motors wouldn’t mind hav­ing more fans rich enough to pick up a sports car on a whim, and take the top of the line.





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