Are You Working on Getting Your Advisors to Advise – and Sell?

At Issue:

Over the years, Danielle Wallace has had enough Service Department visits to warrant this article written for Fixed Ops Magazine. Her target: Dealerships, where Service Advisors won’t sell her the service she went to the dealership in search of.

The Situation:

Recently, Danielle entered her car dealership seeking solution to the problem of lack of cold air coming from the A/C (including that wet dog smell coming from the vents). But the Service Advisor merely offered to add some refrigerant and send her on her way. What’s wrong with this picture?

The Backstory:

When Danielle Wallace entered the dealership on a particularly hot summer day, with two kids in the back seat crying, she needed a real solution to the problem of hot air pouring into her car – not a temporary fix that, eventually, led her to another dealership Service Department where the underlying issue with the car air conditioning unit was properly addressed.

What Your Service Advisors Should be Trained to Do:

  • Recognize that when a customer drives into your Service Department, he or she is in search of the “Service Doctor” in a white coat.
  • Your Service Advisor is the front line to every other transaction that happens between your dealership and the customer.
  • Make sure your Service Advisors understand the importance of a long-term relationship.
  • Understand the value (and sometimes the safety) of taking proper care of any vehicle that enters your Service Department is more than cost and wasted time.

Hints to Tell Your Service Advisors on How to Sell Service:

Danielle Wallace, a BG Marketing Specialist and a member of the most powerful women’s group in the automotive industry, the Women’s Automotive Association International, writes occasionally for Fixed Ops Magazine. Be sure to read her entire article on Page 18 of Fixed Ops Magazine.



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