Are You Using Your Dealership Talent to Boost Your Brand?

Market Your “Brand Within a Brand” With Employee Reviews

Dealership employees can and should play a huge role in branding. As a dealership your sales team members are your brands within your brand. How well are you marketing your brands to assure that you get a shot at every sale?

What You Need to Know to Harness Employee Impact in the Sales Process:

  • Along with your web presence and marketing materials, your employees can dramatically impact your brand messaging.
  • Your sales people are your representatives and have a huge impact on the customer experience.
  • When your employees share your understanding, they help you grow; when they don’t, they damage your credibility.
  • Consumers do a surprising amount of research before making a vehicle purchase. Would it surprise you to know that they now research the sales team member that they want to work with before coming into your dealership.
  • For a dealership to be truly competitive in the research phase of the buying cycle and improve its lead-to-appointment ratio, the salesperson’s online greeting needs to be as polished as their lot greeting.

Effective Marketing Actionables for Dealer Managers to Work on Today:

  • Professional Pictures: Ensure that staff page pictures on your dealer website as well as employee-specific review pages on third-party review sites are professional, clear images and that each includes a phone number.
  • Strong Bios: Encourage your staff to sell themselves in the bio section of your staff directory page and link prospects to their information. Make it light, fun and engaging. Video is a terrific medium for an introduction. If you don’t have a bio, you don’t have a brand.
  • Each employee should digitize their “Why Buy Book” or “Evidence Manual” and use it to win the appointment AND the sale.
  • Make your employees stand out from others: Specific points of personality or interest that make the employee stand out can make a huge difference. What makes this sales person someone the prospective buyer wants to work with?
  • Link to 3rd party reviews:  What have previous customers said about working with the employee? What will prospects find when they Google the employee’s name?

Ryan Leslie, Director of Dealer Reputation Strategy at, offering dealers employee-specific review pages that serve as the digital age equivalent of an “Evidence Manual.” Ryan can be reached at For more information on how to raise your online reputation, visit our website today!





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