Are You Ready to Capitalize on the Millennial Mindset?

The Backstory:

Automotive dealers are being told to give up on Millennials, that group that encompasses 18-to-34-year-olds, because they aren’t going to buy a car anytime soon. The truth is, you’re being misinformed —because Millennials do what they want to do, and if they want a new car, you’d better be prepared to be on the front line.

The Situation for Dealers:

Millennials have serious purchasing power – about $170 billion a year – according to a ComScore report, but they aren’t following through on that power…yet. Automotive dealers should be buying into that purchasing power with strong digital communications that tap into Millennials where they make contact – through their mobile devices!

Strategies for Dealers When Appealing to Millennials:

  • Digital advertising performs better in relative terms among Millennials than does television advertising.
  • Millennials are highly engaged with the content that they choose to view, within both television and digital environments.
  • Engagement has been shown to amplify the effectiveness of advertising, so when targeting Millennials, it is important to utilize engaging content to help boost returns from investments in advertising.
  • Mobile is a great way to reach millennials and others who are hooked at the hip to their smartphones.
  • Accustomed to on-demand access to entertainment, continual stimulation and extreme multitasking, you need be available to talk at any time

Actionables for Your Dealer Manager Right Now:

  • Offer “live chat” and mobile text calls to engage Millennials
  • Go beyond technology and embrace their “right here, right now” mindset
  • Appeal to their need for “instant gratification” with real-time answers
  • You’ve probably already started to embrace this way of thinking. Just look at your phone. It likely has”zero” unread text messages but a stack of emails waiting. That sense of urgency toward “texts” is one example of the mobile mindset. And your future buyers are growing up with it.

So appeal to that desire for instant gratification, making it easier for all shoppers to have real-time access to your dealership personnel. Who knows…you might just reach those millennials at the moment of truth.

Learn more about Millennials right here. Learn more about “Right here, Right Now” digital communications from the automotive chat leader, Contact At Once!




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