Replacement Spotlight from NAFA and Utilimarc® Provides Remarketing Resources

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NAFA Fleet Management Association just released innovative value-added remarketing resources for members – Replacement Spotlight. Produced by Utilimarc®, it offers tools for fleet staff focused on remarketing duties. It digs into vehicle replacement strategies and the variables that impact decisions. Replacement Spotlight features a case study with data from two clients operating light-duty pickups.

While both companies run comparable vehicles, their replacement schedules are very different. It has much to do with how each fleet utilized its vehicles, and labor rates play a key role in how replacements are scheduled and are unique to each company.

“Benchmarking is an important part of fleet management,” explained NAFA’s Executive Director Phil Russo. “The ability to know how your colleagues – and especially your competition – manage their fleets can offer valuable ideas and concepts that you may wish to incorporate into your own fleet.”

This is the latest in a series of complimentary reports provided by Utilimarc® exclusively to NAFA Members and NAFA Affiliates as part of a special agreement between the two organizations. NAFA members may view the latest report by logging into their NAFA membership account and choosing “Benchmarking Data” from the RESOURCES pull down. The direct link is:



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