PRO TALK Offers Side-By-Side Service Manager Training


Find out what Side-by-Side Training can do for your dealership!

Did you know that most deal­er­ships man­age to retain only about 50% of their sum­mer clien­tele in early fall and win­ter? That’s why you won’t want to miss this video pre­sen­ta­tion by Jeff Cowan who talks about issues faced in your Ser­vice Depart­ment regard­ing cus­tomer retention.

Jeff Cowan and his com­pany PRO TALK have suc­cess­fully trained count­less ser­vice employ­ees in the art of sell­ing, com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, cus­tomer ser­vice, reten­tion, and many other skills nec­es­sary to achieve their fixed oper­a­tions goals.

PRO TALK offers deal­ers side-by-side train­ing with Ser­vice Advi­sors to enhance:

  • Sell­ing
  • Cus­tomer Retention
  • Cus­tomer Sales

Says Cowan: We offer a process-driven work­shop uti­liz­ing Inter­ac­tive Vir­tual Train­ing and in-house Side-by-Side On-Your-Drive (at your deal­er­ship) Training

Jeff Cowan’s expe­ri­ence comes from being in the trenches on ser­vice dri­ves.  He is in his 27th year of busi­ness as the founder and Pres­i­dent of Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK, Inc. and was for­tu­nate to have worked in the sales pro­fes­sion in many dif­fer­ent indus­tries, which has con­tributed greatly to his highly effec­tive sales techniques.

Visit the PRO TALK web­site soon to find out more about bring­ing your ser­vice advi­sors up to date on pro­fes­sion­ally approach­ing and greet­ing the cus­tomer each and every time!