Effect of Chrysler Dispute with NHTSA Prompts Report

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The battle over whether to recall millions of older Jeep SUVs, recommended by the NHTSA prompts GenSent Insights report on consumer influence.

Find out what GenSent Insights reports on the general consumer effect.

The battle over whether to recall millions of older Jeep SUVs, as recommended by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), had a limited effect on Chrysler’s online image according to GenSent Insights. Despite the severity of the claims by the NHTSA investigation that the fuel tanks could rupture, leak and cause fires in rear end crashes, online conversations regarding the issue were short lived.

Chrysler’s Sentiment Score, a measure of the tone surrounding a brand on a scale ranging from -100 to +100, dropped from an average of +51 prior to the NHTSA request for the recall to -37 by June 5, the day after the announcement. However, within three days of the initial media storm, the Sentiment Score had risen to a +41 and online mentions returned to normal levels. For the next ten days, sentiment remained positive at a fairly consistent level.

The announcement of a compromise between the government and Chrysler on June 18, 2013 to limit the recall to approximately 1.5 million vehicles, caused the Sentiment Score to plummet once again from +42 to -36 in just one day. After a week with no further news, the Sentiment Score reached +48, just a few points shy of the pre-recall levels.

“The criticism by Jeep owners and safety experts over the initial refusal by Chrysler to comply with the NHTSA recommendation and the subsequent compromise to limit the recall had a temporary effect on Chrysler and Jeep’s brand image” according to Don Damore, President of GenSent Insights. “Chrysler’s decision not to comment on the recall helped to confine the negative conversations to a limited time frame and mitigated the damage to its brand image.”

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