Consumers See Repairs & Damage on Apps in Dealership Service Department

Service Repair

By Dealer e-Process

There are many misconceptions about dealership service departments including, but not limited to, prices too high, high pressure selling, difficult warranty claim repairs and lack of communication between the mechanic and consumer.

Live Website Repair Order, is a mobile phone app that allows car dealerships to use pictures to visually explain vehicle repairs to consumers via text messages and email.

• The mobile app uploads images in real-time and posts them, allowing the consumer to see the damage to their vehicle and the needed repair. Since 40% of consumers do not have a repair shop they trust, this product provides a more transparent service visit to ease their minds. It also allows the service advisor to show the customer what is being done on their vehicle as it is happening. Ultimately, it enables the dealership mechanic to visually explain all service repairs to consumers in just four easy steps.

• The mechanic will capture images or video and then transfer the media wirelessly to the dealership’s website. Once the transfer is complete, the consumer will receive a text and email for review.   Over 36% of people are reading their emails on mobile phones so providing a mobile friendly solution is just another way for the dealership to improve customer communications and ultimately CSI.

“The Live Website Repair Order app solves a variety of problems consumers experience when servicing their vehicle but most importantly, they will now have visual documentation of the severity of the repair,” said Joe Gillespie, owner of Dealer e-Process.

Dealer e-Process builds car dealer website marketing tools that effectively provide stronger traffic, leads and sales for auto dealerships. These tools can help reorient the focus of dealership staff from dealing with constant website maintenance and help generate improved sales performance and enhanced profits for the dealership.

Joe Gillespie is Owner of Dealer e-Process and can be reached via the website’s contact form.



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