Black Book Sees Depreciation, Honors Tom Cross for Award


Ricky Beggs
Senior VP and Editorial Director
Black Book

Car and truck segments recently experienced depreciation levels of -.3% to -.4% per week; trucks saw better retention most of 1st half of year; has reversed in past few weeks. Beggs’ report also honored Tom Cross, President of Black Book, for being selected as the newest member of the NIADA Ring of Honor for his continuous support of independent dealers and the used car industry at the NIADA annual convention in Las Vegas.

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-$45 Average Segment Change for Cars Largest Declining Amount of Past 4 Weeks:
Better retention for Entry Level Cars and Compact Cars at -$15 and -$18 respectively.

Level of Decline for Trucks Hadn’t Been Seen Since End of November 2012:
Compared to year ago, both trucks and cars are doing slightly better this year.

There Was One Truck Segment with Overall Increase this Past Week:
That one being Compact SUVs, which were up by $14.



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