Two Studies Find Car Shoppers Willing to Give Up Privacy but Want Something in Return


  • Two new stud­ies are show­ing what car shop­pers want from their next vehi­cle – they are will­ing to give up some per­sonal infor­ma­tion and pri­vacy, but want to pair their phones eas­ily to the car, access info­tain­ment, and they do con­sider fuel effi­ciency and safety tech­nolo­gies to be very important.
  • Cisco report from more than 1,500 con­sumers in 10 coun­tries shows respon­dents are okay with shar­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion (height and weight, enter­tain­ment they enjoy, etc.) if it would cus­tomize their vehi­cle and dri­ving expe­ri­ence.
  • Would be will­ing to pro­vide bio­met­rics like fin­ger­prints and DNA sam­ples in return for car secu­rity.
  • Sur­vey shows that 52% want to track gas prices with in-car tech fea­tures.
  • 46% want to be able to track insur­ance prices, and track­ing road­side assis­tance avail­abil­ity and recall infor­ma­tion was impor­tant to 35% and 32%, respectively.
  • JD Pow­ers and Asso­ciates sur­veyed 16,758 vehi­cle own­ers and found them to be inter­ested in phone pair­ing, wire­less inter­net, bet­ter voice recog­ni­tion, and other improve­ments to info­tain­ment systems.
  • Vehi­cle own­ers are more inter­ested and will­ing to pur­chase fea­tures like a fuel econ­omy indi­ca­tor and active shut­ter grille vents that close at higher speeds to help max­i­mize fuel economy.
  • J.D. Power study finds that vehi­cle own­ers have some inter­est in dri­ver­less cars but are more inter­ested in semi-autonomous func­tions like emer­gency brak­ing and steer­ing and auto­matic park assist.
  • 82% of car own­ers in study with smart­phones were attracted to vehi­cles that allow them to pair their phones with a vehicle’s info­tain­ment system.

SOURCE:  US News & World Report