Two Studies Find Car Shoppers Willing to Give Up Privacy but Want Something in Return

  • Two new studies are showing what car shoppers want from their next vehicle – they are willing to give up some personal information and privacy, but want to pair their phones easily to the car, access infotainment, and they do consider fuel efficiency and safety technologies to be very important.
  • Cisco report from more than 1,500 consumers in 10 countries shows respondents are okay with sharing personal information (height and weight, entertainment they enjoy, etc.) if it would customize their vehicle and driving experience.
  • Would be willing to provide biometrics like fingerprints and DNA samples in return for car security.
  • Survey shows that 52% want to track gas prices with in-car tech features.
  • 46% want to be able to track insurance prices, and tracking roadside assistance availability and recall information was important to 35% and 32%, respectively.
  • JD Powers and Associates surveyed 16,758 vehicle owners and found them to be interested in phone pairing, wireless internet, better voice recognition, and other improvements to infotainment systems.
  • Vehicle owners are more interested and willing to purchase features like a fuel economy indicator and active shutter grille vents that close at higher speeds to help maximize fuel economy.
  • J.D. Power study finds that vehicle owners have some interest in driverless cars but are more interested in semi-autonomous functions like emergency braking and steering and automatic park assist.
  • 82% of car owners in study with smartphones were attracted to vehicles that allow them to pair their phones with a vehicle’s infotainment system.

SOURCE:  US News & World Report




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