Top Selling Metro UV Markets for Independents and Franchised Dealers

Auto Remarketingā€™s ā€œBest in Pre-Owned PerĀ­forĀ­manceā€ speĀ­cial secĀ­tion feaĀ­tured data from CNW Research based on 2012 sales. A few of the charts showed the top sellĀ­ing US marĀ­kets for used vehiĀ­cles. OverĀ­all, the top five desĀ­igĀ­natĀ­ed marĀ­ket areas (DMAs) last year were New York, Los AngeĀ­les, ChicaĀ­go, San FranĀ­cisĀ­co, and DalĀ­las-Ft. Worth.

For indeĀ­penĀ­dent dealĀ­er used vehiĀ­cle sales, New York had a domĀ­iĀ­natĀ­ing lead; New York saw 1,251,894 units sold last year by indeĀ­penĀ­dent dealĀ­ers. That was folĀ­lowed by Los AngeĀ­les at 848,787 and San FranĀ­cisĀ­co-OakĀ­land-San Jose at 479,666. That was flipped over for franĀ­chised dealĀ­ers, where Los AngeĀ­les took the lead at 1,025,646 used units sold, folĀ­lowed by New York at 744,795, and San FranĀ­cisĀ­co-OakĀ­land-San Jose at 614,377.




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