Top Selling Metro UV Markets for Independents and Franchised Dealers

Auto Remarketing’s “Best in Pre-Owned Performance” special section featured data from CNW Research based on 2012 sales. A few of the charts showed the top selling US markets for used vehicles. Overall, the top five designated market areas (DMAs) last year were New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

For independent dealer used vehicle sales, New York had a dominating lead; New York saw 1,251,894 units sold last year by independent dealers. That was followed by Los Angeles at 848,787 and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose at 479,666. That was flipped over for franchised dealers, where Los Angeles took the lead at 1,025,646 used units sold, followed by New York at 744,795, and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose at 614,377.




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