Promote Safe Driving to Kick off Your Summer Marketing

By OneCommand

Chances are many of your cus­tomers are get­ting ready to hit the road for sum­mer vaca­tion. In addi­tion, June is Nation­al Safe­ty Month spon­sored by the Nation­al Safe­ty Coun­cil. Start your sum­mer mar­ket­ing off by help­ing your cus­tomers stay safe on the road this sum­mer.

Here are three ways you can com­mu­ni­cate with cus­tomers to cre­ate top-of-mind aware­ness and gen­er­ate addi­tion­al traf­fic for your deal­er­ship while keep­ing them safe.

• Defen­sive Dri­ving Tech­niques
In today’s busy world, peo­ple often for­get to prac­tice defen­sive dri­ving tech­niques to ensure they reach their des­ti­na­tion unharmed. By offer­ing your cus­tomers a help­ful reminder to min­i­mize dis­trac­tions, keep their eyes on the road at all times, reduce lane changes, and resist the temp­ta­tion to fol­low too close­ly, you can keep them safe dur­ing their sum­mer trav­el.

• Safe Dri­ving Tips

Remind­ing cus­tomers to use defen­sive dri­ving tech­niques is impor­tant, but so is pro­mot­ing safe dri­ving. Think about com­mu­ni­cat­ing help­ful tips, such as remind­ing cus­tomers to plan their trips ahead of time, always wear their seat belt, watch their speed, check their blind spots, and be extra care­ful at inter­sec­tions. These types of tips are a great way to keep your brand in front of your cus­tomers.

• Sum­mer Vehi­cle Main­te­nance
It is always smart to pre­pare the dri­ver to hit the road for sum­mer trav­el, but prepar­ing the vehi­cle to be road ready is essen­tial, as well. You’ll want to remind cus­tomers to check wind­shield wipers, brakes, belts, hoses, and tires for wear, engine flu­ids for low lev­els, and be sure to change the engine oil and fil­ter. You may even want to cre­ate a Sum­mer Trav­el Pack­age where you offer a com­bi­na­tion of ser­vices at a dis­count­ed price to help your cus­tomers pre­pare for their sum­mer vaca­tions.

By offer­ing help­ful tips to cus­tomers, you can reach them in an easy and unob­tru­sive way and com­mu­ni­cate vital infor­ma­tion to ensure they start their sum­mer off right. What are you wait­ing for? Ensure your customer’s sum­mer vaca­tions are not foiled by improp­er main­te­nance, or dis­tract­ed or unsafe dri­ving.




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