Promote Safe Driving to Kick off Your Summer Marketing

By OneCommand

Chances are many of your customers are getting ready to hit the road for summer vacation. In addition, June is National Safety Month sponsored by the National Safety Council. Start your summer marketing off by helping your customers stay safe on the road this summer.

Here are three ways you can communicate with customers to create top-of-mind awareness and generate additional traffic for your dealership while keeping them safe.

• Defensive Driving Techniques
In today’s busy world, people often forget to practice defensive driving techniques to ensure they reach their destination unharmed. By offering your customers a helpful reminder to minimize distractions, keep their eyes on the road at all times, reduce lane changes, and resist the temptation to follow too closely, you can keep them safe during their summer travel.

• Safe Driving Tips

Reminding customers to use defensive driving techniques is important, but so is promoting safe driving. Think about communicating helpful tips, such as reminding customers to plan their trips ahead of time, always wear their seat belt, watch their speed, check their blind spots, and be extra careful at intersections. These types of tips are a great way to keep your brand in front of your customers.

• Summer Vehicle Maintenance
It is always smart to prepare the driver to hit the road for summer travel, but preparing the vehicle to be road ready is essential, as well. You’ll want to remind customers to check windshield wipers, brakes, belts, hoses, and tires for wear, engine fluids for low levels, and be sure to change the engine oil and filter. You may even want to create a Summer Travel Package where you offer a combination of services at a discounted price to help your customers prepare for their summer vacations.

By offering helpful tips to customers, you can reach them in an easy and unobtrusive way and communicate vital information to ensure they start their summer off right. What are you waiting for? Ensure your customer’s summer vacations are not foiled by improper maintenance, or distracted or unsafe driving.




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