NAAA’s View on Auction Trends and Economic Conditions


Dr. Ira Sil­ver
NAAA Econ­o­mist
National Auto Auc­tion Association

Auc­tion sales vol­ume was flat in the first quar­ter of 2013, but has been increas­ing in recent months and is up 3.1% year-to-date. Auc­tion prices have been down for the past three months and have decreased 3.2% so far in 2013. Retail used vehi­cle sales are see­ing a stronger show­ing this year – up 7.7% in vol­ume this year.

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New Vehi­cle Sales Con­tinue Robust Recov­ery:
Up 9.6% in May over pre­vi­ous year, and up 7.7% for year (sea­son­ally adjusted).

Con­sumer Price Index on Used Vehi­cles Sees Decline:
Down 1.6% in May 2013 from pre­vi­ous year, down 0.5% year-to-date.

Over­all US Eco­nomic Signs Not Great but Get­ting Bet­ter:
Real con­sumer spend­ing, real GDP, and employ­ment rate up a notch for year.