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Kicking Tires ( blog) - June 21, 2013

Late mod­el used cars have not been doing well, accord­ing to a blog. Their prices fell steeply in June. For used cars list­ed on the aver­age prices of 2010 to 2012 mod­el used cars fell to $22,188, or $320 less than in May. That brings in down to low­est lev­el this year, and the pre­ced­ing month had already seen the low for the year.

The Ram 2500 actu­al­ly saw the largest dol­lar-amount decrease at $1,451. The Audi A6 lux­u­ry sedan, Toy­ota Cam­ry Hybrid sedan and Ford E-250 Super Duty full-size van all saw a 4% price decrease.



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