Auto Dealers: 3 Reasons to Skip Your Summer Vacation

By Brandon Weaver

The first day of sum­mer is here. For auto deal­ers this means three things: warm weath­er, hol­i­day sales and final­ly being able to take that much need­ed, much deserved sum­mer vaca­tion.

Pump the brakes on that idea this year. With new­er mod­els pos­si­bly arriv­ing soon­er than lat­er, your vaca­tion plans should prob­a­bly take a back seat.

1.  Con­sumer Demand & Hir­ing Are Up

His­tor­i­cal­ly, sum­mer shut­downs let U.S. auto mak­ers cut back on their inven­to­ries and encour­age work­er vaca­tions dur­ing July. Not so much nowa­days. Work­ing longer hours is one of the com­mon things we hear from the auto indus­try. Adding floor space and some much need­ed equip­ment to accom­mo­date indus­try demand is a like­ly solu­tion,

Auto sales con­tin­ue to increase, as evi­denced by Detroit’s Big Three liv­ing up to their names, post­ing their best month­ly sales in five years. Plus, you have the tra­di­tion­al 4th of July and Labor Day sales to move cars off the lot. Adding extra peo­ple can help light­en your load. All of this being said, with demand pick­ing up just in time for sum­mer, a vaca­tion is prob­a­bly not in the cards.

2.  Financ­ing is Eas­i­er for Con­sumers Today

“No indus­try has ben­e­fit­ed more from the unfreez­ing of cred­it mar­kets than new and used vehi­cles,” says Busi­ness­week. What does this mean? An even big­ger incen­tive for con­sumers to buy or lease. Case in point: Exper­ian Auto­mo­tive says auto leas­ing reached record highs since they began col­lect­ing data.

With more con­sumers spend­ing on autos this year, they’re still not going to be car­ry­ing wads of cash or putting a down pay­ment on a vehi­cle using plas­tic. Pro­grams allow you to guar­an­tee and process check pay­ments faster than deposit­ing them at the bank. In a way, using this is like a mini vaca­tion because it elim­i­nates the time and has­sle of going to the bank.

3.  Air­line Prices Keep Going Up

Sure, you can trav­el local­ly but if you’re going any­where of real dis­tance, chances are it’s going to require a plane ride.  Checked bag­gage, in-flight ser­vices and oth­er fees apply.

With auto sales num­bers rebound­ing to pre-reces­sion lev­els and the trav­el indus­try not real­ly incen­tiviz­ing you to leave, is a vaca­tion real­ly worth it this sum­mer? If so, take it soon­er rather than lat­er. Or, make it a short­er vaca­tion you can dri­ve to and from. In the end though, post­pon­ing that trip of yours looks like the smarter deci­sion.

Read the entire arti­cle by Bran­don Weaver, Inbound Mar­ket­ing Spe­cial­ist at Cross­Check . Bran­don can be reached via the web­site.



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