Video Sharing Websites Increasing Media Value for Hybrids & EVs


  • Video sharing websites such as Daily Motion and YouTube are generating largest share of media value for hybrids and electric vehicles, according to GenSent Insight’s Green Vehicles report for 2013.
  • For generating what GenSent Insight defines as Online Impact Media Value, video sharing accounted for $13.2M, or 42%, of total media value of $31.8M for the 10 vehicles tracked in report. These video share sites are yielding tens of thousands of videos for those searching for these types of vehicle models.
  • News Media category generated $9.6 million (30%) and Twitter $7.5 million (24%) of media value in the study.
  • Leading brand overall was Toyota Prius which generated $14.5 million of total media value for 2013 – more than three times next closest vehicle, the Honda Fit at $4.5 million.
  • Chevrolet Volt was third with $3.1 million, followed closely by Tesla Motors at $3.0 million and Honda Insight with $2.9 million.
  • Brands differed noticeably in channels on which buzz was generated. Honda Insight and Fit strongly influenced by video sharing websites, Nissan Leaf generated 94% of its value from Twitter.


  • The more expensive brands, Cadillac ELR and Tesla Motors, both generated 72% of their value from News Media sources. These differences are attributed primarily to age of current and potential owners with Honda and Nissan trending younger than Cadillac and Tesla.
  • Cadillac ELR generated $1.2 million in media value over a five day period in January 2013 – although not available until 2014, it has generated substantial prelaunch buzz with total media value of $1.6 million so far.
  • GenSent Insight’s research methodology measures purchase equivalent value of brand’s exposure as determined by sentiment, frequency, and exposure of news mentions and social dialogue.
  • Measures brand’s reach by placing dollar value on overall level of discussions for specific period of time. GenSent Insight leverages General Sentiment’s proprietary natural language processing technology to produce in-depth, targeted industry reports.


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