Toyota Takes Back ‘Most Valuable Brand’ Title

brand_love_it22 - May 24, 2013

Accord­ing to the annual BrandZ Top 100 global sur­vey, put together by mar­ket research firm Mill­ward Brown, Toy­ota has come out on top of BMW as the most valu­able auto­mo­tive brand.

Though dif­fi­cult to deter­mine, find out what researchers uncovered.

Toy­ota has over­taken BMW to become the most valu­able auto­mo­tive brand, accord­ing to an annual rank­ing of the world’s top companies.

The Japan­ese man­u­fac­tur­ing giant ranked 23rd in the 2013 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valu­able Global Brands study released by research group Mill­ward Brown, pip­ping its Ger­man rival by just one place.

Toyota’s brand value increased 12 per cent from the pre­vi­ous year to US$24.497 bil­lion ($24.99 bil­lion), help­ing it rise five posi­tions, while BMW, down two per cent to US$24.015 bil­lion ($24.50 bil­lion), slipped one spot from 2012.

The study attrib­uted some of Toyota’s rise to its reha­bil­i­tated rep­u­ta­tion fol­low­ing reli­a­bil­ity con­cerns stem­ming from multi-million-vehicle recalls ear­lier in the decade, and sug­gested BMW’s earn­ings had been impacted by the Euro­pean slowdown.

Japan­ese and Ger­man brands dom­i­nated the auto­mo­tive mar­ques, with Mercedes-Benz (43), Honda (71), Nis­san (86) and Volk­swa­gen (100) all rank­ing inside the over­all top 100, and Audi and Lexus rank­ing inside the indus­try top 10.

While Audi’s value increased more than any other car maker, up 18 per cent in 2013 to US$5.545 bil­lion ($5.65 bil­lion), Detroit-based Ford and South Korea’s Hyundai ranked sev­enth and ninth respectively.

Apple dom­i­nated at the top of the charts with a 2013 brand value of US$185.071 bil­lion ($188.77 bil­lion), lead­ing Google – US$113.669 bil­lion ($115.79 bil­lion) – which leapfrogged IBM – US$112,536 bil­lion ($114.79 bil­lion) – into sec­ond posi­tion overall.

Top 10 auto­mo­tive brands

  1. Toy­ota – US$24.497 billion
  2. BMW – US$24.015 billion
  3. Mercedes-Benz – US$17.952 billion
  4. Honda – US$12.401 billion
  5. Nis­san – US$10.186 billion
  6. Volk­swa­gen – US$8.790 billion
  7. Ford – US$7.556 billion
  8. Audi – US$5.545 billion
  9. Hyundai – US$4.000 billion
  10. Lexus – US$3.472 billion