New GM Pickup Takes Back Seat to Older Model

Bloomberg News - May 8, 2013

Even though Gen­er­al Motors will start deliv­er­ing redesigned Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado pick­ups to deal­ers this month, most full-size truck deliv­er­ies will be of cur­rent-gen­er­a­tion vehi­cles.

Find out where the new line­up stands at the present time.

Gen­er­al Motors, which will start deliv­er­ing redesigned Chevro­let Sil­ver­a­do pick­ups to deal­ers this month, said most of its full-size truck deliv­er­ies this year will be of cur­rent-gen­er­a­tion vehi­cles.

“Some time in the fourth quar­ter we’re going to start retail­ing more new than old,” Chris Per­ry, Chevy U.S. mar­ket­ing vice pres­i­dent, said today in an inter­view at a ranch out­side San Anto­nio.

The redesign of the Sil­ver­a­do and its GMC brand coun­ter­part, the Sier­ra, are among about 20 new vehi­cles GM is bring­ing out this year to renew a line­up that grew stale fol­low­ing the company’s 2009 bank­rupt­cy reor­ga­ni­za­tion. The company’s U.S. mar­ket share fell to an 88-year-low in 2012 as Toy­ota Motor Corp’s sales rebound­ed. Toyota’s U.S. come­back helped it over­take GM as the world’s best-sell­ing automak­er.

About 70 per­cent of Sil­ver­a­do sales this year will be the old­er ver­sion, Maria Rohrer, mar­ket­ing direc­tor of Chevy full-sized pick­ups, said in an inter­view. The new 2014 mod­el year dou­ble cab goes on sale in the third quar­ter fol­lowed by the reg­u­lar cab a month to 45 days lat­er, she said. The heavy-duty ver­sion will be shown at the Texas State Fair in the fourth quar­ter, she said.

GM aims to boost the mix of more-expen­sive crew cabs from about 50 per­cent toward to more than 60 per­cent, Per­ry said.

“That’s where some of our com­peti­tors have gone strong with the crew cab,” Per­ry said.

GM fin­ished April with 228,524 full-sized pick­ups in its inven­to­ry, or a 103-day sup­ply, the com­pa­ny said May 1.





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