Leverage Memorial Day Weekend to Make Your Marketing Bloom

By OneCommand

Did you know  that email campaigns sent on Memorial Day weekend are more successful at engaging audiences and driving higher transaction rates than any other holiday-related mailings, including Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday?

So how are you planning to utilize Memorial Day email marketing in your May outreach efforts?

Here are two ways you can make your marketing bloom by leveraging the Memorial Day holiday in conjunction with email marketing to engage customers and drive additional revenue to your dealership.

• Stand Out in the Crowd
For the general American public, Memorial Day is synonymous with the best vehicle deals of the year and chances are this holiday weekend will not be any different. Consumers who are in the market to purchase a vehicle will be looking for the best deals to ensure they get the most for their money. How will you make your offers stand out among the crowd? Why not offer them something they can’t get from your competitor? Use email marketing to increase responses rate and try offering a low, no-haggle price, or free car washes for life, or 12 complimentary oil changes. When thinking of your email marketing offers, really challenge yourself to think outside the box and make your communications stand out among the marketing noise.

• Guarantee Safe Holiday Travel
Memorial Day is also one of the biggest travel weekends of the year and what better way to give your customers peace of mind than ensuring their vehicles are ready to make the journey. Email marketing can help you communicate with customers about possible wear items that need maintenance before hitting the road for the holiday weekend. Be sure to put together a Memorial Day special that includes a package of services that are specific to prepping a vehicle for travel. You may even want to think about offering customers a travel safety kit to keep in their vehicle. This type of gesture really shows your customers that you care not only about their vehicle, but their safety as well.

Although vehicle deals and prepping customers for travel are important, the reason for Memorial Day is a time to remember fallen soldiers and show appreciation to veterans and active military members. So remember when leveraging the Memorial Day holiday to make your marketing bloom; be sure to utilize email because it returns a higher engagement rate and be sure to pay tribute to the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country.

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