KBB is Online Auto Shopping Brand of the Year – Again


PR Newswire - May 28, 2013

For the sec­ond year in a row, KBB.com was delighted to be awarded the “Online Auto Shop­ping Brand of the Year” by the 2013 Har­ris Poll Equi­Trend study.

Find out what makes the Kel­ley Blue Book web­site so special.

The Har­ris Poll Brand of the Year is the high­est ranked brand in its cat­e­gory of Brand Equity, which pro­vides an under­stand­ing of a brand’s over­all strength and is deter­mined by a cal­cu­la­tion of qual­ity, famil­iar­ity and pur­chase con­sid­er­a­tion. Brands high in brand equity, such as KBB.com, excel in the con­nec­tion they estab­lish with con­sumers in ele­ments such as the brand’s abil­ity to meet expec­ta­tions, to be trusted, to be rel­e­vant to con­sumers’ lives, and to elicit pos­i­tive emo­tional reac­tions con­sumers have to the brand.

“Being named Online Auto Shop­ping Brand of the Year once again in the Har­ris Poll Equi­Trend study is proof shop­pers con­tinue to value us as The Trusted Resource®, a tremen­dous honor we do not take lightly,” said Jared Rowe , pres­i­dent of Kel­ley Blue Book .  “As we con­tinue to lever­age our strong brand equity to pro­vide the most market-relevant, up-to-date new– and used-car pric­ing, val­ues and shop­ping advice, we aim to smooth the tran­si­tion from online shop­per to offline buyer, help­ing to build con­fi­dent rela­tion­ships between con­sumers and deal­ers, and ease the shop­ping process.”

Har­ris Poll Equi­Trend is a lead­ing Brand Equity track­ing study con­ducted by Har­ris Inter­ac­tive that mea­sures and com­pares brand health for more than 1,500 brands.  The study was con­ducted online from Jan­u­ary 11 through Feb­ru­ary 8, 2013, and ana­lyzes the responses of 38,814 U.S. con­sumers ages 15 and older.  Har­ris Inter­ac­tive has con­ducted its Equi­Trend study reg­u­larly since 1989.