Ford Hybrids Vary Fleet Options


Fleets and Fuels - May 9, 2013

Ford is iden­ti­fy­ing Con-way, Esurance, Quest Diag­nos­tics and AT&T as new cus­tomers for its C-Max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid vehi­cles. The new cars are esti­mated to save busi­ness cus­tomers up to 45% in oper­a­tional costs, accord­ing to Ford. Con-way, a North Amer­i­can trans­porta­tion and logis­tics ser­vices com­pany is adding 1,009 Fusions to its fleet, pro­ject­ing sav­ings of 1 mil­lion gal­lons of gas and 45 % of emissions.