Eric Brown, CEO, Dataium

Strategy & Company Mission: What are now the basic strategy and mission of the company?

Dataium’s focus is to support the auto buying process for the automotive industry and the consumer by blindly aggregating and analyzing billions of anonymous shopping sessions to better understand changes in consumer trends and demands. Thus, improving the consumer shopping experience, reducing waste at all levels of the vehicle supply chain, and ultimately, providing the right vehicle at the right price to the consumer.


Marketing Objectives for 2013 and beyond: What are the focused sales and marketing objectives for your company in the next year?

To continue to expand our data solutions to provide greater visibility, clarity, and insight into the consumer path to purchase. Not only in the United States but worldwide.


Market Opportunities Ahead in 2013: What do you see as your company’s biggest opportunities in the next year?

As a young company for us this is best stated as “more of the same”. We continue to refine our reporting and customer engagement, and expand our data collection and processes.


Management Challenges this year and last: What are the major or specific challenges for your management team in 2013?

Finding great people to work for us, while meeting the demands of our growing customer list, and making sure we do not collapse under our own weight.


Industry and Market Situation 2013: What is your assessment of the automotive market and the industry right now?

The automotive industry continues to show strength despite strong economic head winds, but we have concerns those head winds are starting to have an impact that is largely being ignored.


Most Significant Accomplishment: What has been your company’s biggest accomplishment in the past year?

Hard to say. Again, as a young company every day we’re still here is an accomplishment in itself. I suppose beyond the growth we experienced, our biggest accomplishment would be our focus. In 2012 we really honed in on who our customers are, and what their specific needs are. In 2013 much of our resources will be committed to better aligning our operations, marketing, support, and product development with specific customer needs.



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