Cadillac Goes Autonomous with the Super Cruise

Telematics Update - May 6, 2013

First Google. Then Audi. Now Cadillac has stepped into the autonomous driving arena. This week highlights Cadillac’s semi-automated driving system “Super Cruise”.

Find out more about the pilot phase for Cadillac’s “Super Cruise”.

Cadillac takes its Super Cruise autonomous driving solution into the pilot phase, as Crashboxx Telematics releases a new prediction software tool

First Google. Then Audi. Now Cadillac has stepped into the autonomous driving arena. This week Cadillac’s semi-automated driving system “Super Cruise,” which lends the driver a helping hand with braking, speed control, and lane following, entered the real-world trial stage.

In the coming years, researchers will log hundreds of thousands of miles of test driving the system in a range of driving conditions—day, night, blue sky, rain, traffic, open road—with the goal of making the system production ready within the decade.

Super Cruise is specifically geared for highway driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic or on long road trips and still requires attention by the driver when lane markings and data are not available, in which case the driver is prompted to take back over.

It’s thus a less idyllic vision than the one Google has promoted—with drivers reading books or gazing out at vistas while their cars whisk them around hands-free—but it’s a step in the direction of autonomous driving nonetheless, made all the more significant by the fact that it’s a major car manufacturer pursuing it.

A new study from J.D. Power found that drivers have a growing appetite for connected solutions in their cars, especially when it comes to technologies that allow them to communicate more easily and seamlessly and those that can save them money with fuel. The most coveted solutions include smartphone integration, a fuel economy indicator, and (go figure) active shutter grille vents.



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