BMW Changes Gears in US Market with Cheaper More Reliable Vehicle

by Jon LeSage

When US car shoppers think about “Beemers” – aka BMW cars – it’s typical for a few words to come to mind – “expensive,” “fast,” and “repairs.”

BMW’s small SUV, the 2013 BMW X1 might change all of that.

The new 2013 BMW X1 is now available in the US with a starting price of $31,545 for the 2013 BMW X1 sDrive28i.

Another thing that’s helping BMW is having the X1 be the class winner for ADAC breakdown statistics in 2013. ADAC is a major data source in the European market on technical information and comprehensive information on vehicle safety.

BMW is changing its habits by offering the 2013 X1 to lower-middle class US buyers for the first time.

BMW had to do some work to get the X1 adaptable to the US market. It’s been on European roads for a while, and BMW was concerned there wouldn’t be a market for it in the US. It’s slowly finding its way in the US market.

Some US consumers have had experiences and heard stories about expensive BMWs and other German brands needing expensive service work and repair once the car has been owned for a few years. Now, that might have something to do with Americans racing down their own version of the Autobahn on US roads, but the reliability issue has always been there.

Making a more affordable and reliable small SUV will likely open more sales opportunities for BMW in the US

The four-wheel-drive xDrive28i is priced at $33,245, and the top-performing X1 xDrive35i will start at $39,345, including the $895 destination charge.

Source: Torque News



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