Auto Dealers: How to Create Effective Emails


By OneCommand

As a general rule, effective emails should contain about 60% editorial content and about 40% promotional content.  Editorial content gives the recipient a reason to read and focuses on the reader’s needs. Promotional content gives the reader something to do, including a call to action, and promoting your products and services.

Good content doesn’t have to be expensive; re-use and re-purpose content or partner with other content providers.

When designing your email, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure you create an engaging design:

• Develop a clear message
• Keep it simple, clean, and professional – not too busy
• Provide the most important information first
• Identify a clear call to action

Lastly, remember that not all images will render when the consumer receives your email. You’ll want to layout the template so the consumer can still understand the message without seeing any of the images.

Once you have your data, identified your goals, and created a great layout with great content, you’re ready to pick out a subject line and a “from” line. Start with the subject line, since this could be considered the most important element to increase email open rates:

• Use your dealership’s name
• Stick to fewer than 50 characters
• Give actionable information representing the main content in the email
• Avoid using words that may be considered spam or strong promotional words

As for the “from” line, there is really only one rule to follow – ensure that the recipient knows who the email is from. You could use your dealership, Service Manager, or General Manager’s name to create validity of the email with the recipient and increase the likelihood of your email being read.

Utilize Email Marketing

With 66% of consumers making a purchase as a result of an email, you cannot afford to ignore this communication channel. By leveraging the power of email, your dealership can create top-of-mind awareness, which translates into increased retention, traffic, revenue, and owner loyalty. Plus, with email’s low delivery cost, chances are you can reduce your marketing spend and receive higher ROI.

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