Auto Dealer Financing & Flooring with NextGear Capital

Let NextGear Capital Do All of the Work

Thousands of dealers have discovered that NextGear Capital is the perfect solution to their floor planning needs, offering more than just auto dealer financing.

You have options when it comes to floor planning your inventory. You may opt for the traditional lending route with banks, tap into your own reserves, or use one of the specialized floor plan finance companies.

When you select a business partner for something as critical as funding your inventory purchases, you need more than just the money. Will the auction work with the company? How long does it take to get a title sent to you? Who is available when you have questions? NextGear Capital excels at meeting these needs and more.

A result of the merger of Dealer Services Corporation and Manheim Automotive Financial Services, NextGear Capital’s pedigree is refined by the many years in the automotive remarketing industry of these two well-known leaders. To grasp just how impressive their services are, we need to take a look under the hood:

  • A local Account Executive works directly with dealers, learning their specific needs and expectations. This provides the dealer a more personal touch in assisting with questions or circumstances related to their floor planning needs and their account with NextGear Capital.
  • When a vehicle is floored, the auction sends the vehicle’s title to NextGear Capital’s corporate headquarters in Carmel, IN. When received, the title is assigned an RFID address, nearly eliminating the possibility of it being lost or stolen. From there, every title is scanned in full-color and high resolution. This allows dealers to view their titles online and review all the details of a title to ensure accuracy. Titles are then recorded and secured in a custom-designed, fireproof vault. This unique vault is so secure only designated specialists have access to it. NextGear Capital takes the security of their customers’ titles quite seriously.
  • In the event that a title requires additional work to perfect it, such as a reissue by a state BMV, NextGear Capital can handle the entire process, eliminating time and frustration for dealers
  • While NextGear Capital is renowned for their superb customer service, their use of technology to the benefit of customers is remarkable. Online account management tools allow dealers to keep abreast of all transactions. Through their mobile app, dealers on the go can still stay informed. When a vehicle is paid off, that transaction is processed immediately, allowing the title to be overnighted. Customers are also sent an email providing delivery date, time and location.

There are many options to consider in flooring your inventory. When you look at all the benefits of working with NextGear Capital, you soon realize why we are the industry leader.

Contact the experts at NextGear Capital for complete floor planning and financing needs.




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