Audi of America Bringing Experienced Military Technicians to Dealers

• US military technicians who’ve served in the field have been highly trained and experienced in working with latest vehicle technologies.

• Problem for them has been coming home to America and finding the market very tight for getting jobs and returning to daily civilian life.

• Audi of America has launched program to bring military technicians to dealer service departments.

Veterans to Technicians program developed with Audi by Calibre, a Va.-based management and technology services company.

• Recruiting vets with automotive skills and with experience in power generation, aviation, welding, electronics, hydraulics systems, and maritime systems.

• Audi program supports Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act passed by Congress in November 2011.

• Calibre managing outreach program to more than 1,800 military service alumni groups and military transition assistance centers.

• Members of National Guard and Reserve currently serving may also apply. Eligible veterans must have honorable discharge and 3-to-5 years of direct experience in a military unit’s maintenance operations.

• For Audi the challenge has been seeing its dealer network growing and finding enough highly trained and skilled service employees to meet customer demand.

Audi has 276 US dealers and its cars are becoming more complex, so building this trained workforce is imperative, said Reinhard Fischer, director of strategy at Audi of America.

• If hired by Audi dealership, veterans will complete Audi fast track two-week training program to learn about Audi products and technologies.

• Audi broke its record and sold 139,310 units in US last year; targeting 200,000 light-vehicle sales annually before end of decade.

SOURCE:  Automotive News



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