Tom Burton, EVP and President of the Capital Assets Group at Liquidity Services

Strategy & Company Mission

Liquidity Services, Inc. is a trusted and global leader in the surplus goods marketplace and is transforming the way surplus assets are managed and sold.  This includes playing an integral role in the surplus asset management process for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and auto supply companies through our marketplace GoIndustry DoveBid (

Through our experienced valuations, asset management, and disposition teams, Liquidity Services is able to return maximum value for our clients’ surplus products via a comprehensive set of services that include: assessment, appraisals, inventory control, redeployment and sales events.  For those clients needing to sell their assets, our global  base of 2.2 million registrants, combined with our expertise in locating qualified buyers for even the most unique items, ensures an efficient solution to time, space and revenue needs.

Marketing Objectives & Opportunities

From appraisals to risk management to inventory control to sales reach, Liquidity Services creates and scales programs to meet any organization’s surplus needs.  Right now more than 6,000 global enterprises and government agencies rely on Liquidity Services and its multiple online marketplaces like GoIndustry DoveBid to deliver innovative surplus asset management, valuation and disposition services to meet their unique needs.  We see that number continuing to increase with our continued expansion of multifaceted service offerings and proven track record.

The reverse supply chain is a $150 billion industry and although Liquidity Services is the industry leader, there is still a lot of the secondary market left to address, meaning a great deal of opportunity to continue to establish ourselves as a trusted solution provider.  We want all clients and potential clients to know that:

  • Liquidity Services has a comprehensive, end-to-end service offering in surplus asset management, valuation, and disposition, to cover all of your potential needs.
  • We can determine the current value of your equipment and inventory using our global market data from completing over $3.3 billion of asset sales.
  • Liquidity Services’ broad experience serving the world’s largest corporations and our continuous investment provides you the best strategies to manage your surplus assets.
  • Liquidity Services has the proven ability to quickly execute large scale programs for its clients.
  • Our transparent and high integrity services protect your brand and reputation around the globe.
  • Our AssetZone™ system allows leading, global organizations to better manage assets and make value-based decisions on whether to redeploy them around the world or sell them at market value.
  • Liquidity Services employs a data-driven approach to services, utilizing market intelligence to determine supply and demand for specific types of equipment and inventory to thoughtfully target our extensive, qualified buyer base.


Assessment of Secondary Market within the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

If I could use one word to describe the surplus marketplace within the automotive manufacturing industry it would be: dynamic.  We all know there is constant change in the quality, advancement and style within the auto industry and as such manufacturers continue to upgrade their systems and retool their production lines.  Hence a lot of the production equipment eventually becomes obsolete.  But one manufacturer’s outdated equipment is another’s treasure.  For example, Liquidity Services is selling a complete General Motors four-speed automatic transmission production line via its GoIndustry DoveBid marketplace; while a four-speed system may seem outdated here in the U.S. (most all manufacturers in developed countries are now using a five-speed system), it is a hot commodity in other countries that as of the last 10-15 years have begun producing vehicles in their own region.

Instead of their old equipment lying idle or being thrown away, automotive manufacturers and auto supply companies should know that their outdated equipment still has a lot of value; not to mention a robust buyer base located on foreign soil. By working with a trusted partner like Liquidity Services, manufacturers and supply companies are able to leverage the world’s largest buyer marketplace, as well as proprietary data and merchandising expertise to reach the right buyer for their surplus equipment. Most importantly, we add value by ensuring a compliant process with local, federal and international laws.

Most Significant Accomplishment

I mentioned above about equipment lying idle or being thrown away which is a perfect segue into one of our most significant accomplishments: supporting zero-waste initiatives.   There is such an emphasis these days being placed on the recycle, reuse and repurposing of materials; businesses large and small can’t afford not to partake in the effort (not to mention the environment will thank you).  Liquidity Services is proud to accelerate the “zero waste” and “green” initiatives of our clients by helping them identify, process, redeploy, and leverage vibrant disposal markets for surplus, salvage, and scrap equipment and material that would otherwise be discarded as waste.  Some highlights include:

  • We are proud to support one of the largest zero-waste initiatives in U.S. government history, keeping more than two billion pounds of Defense Department scrap materials out of landfills.
  • Liquidity Services is the one-stop solution for the world’s top retailers, government agencies, large manufacturers and thousands of other businesses to capture data, track, and report on their sustainable business activities globally through their reverse supply chain to achieve a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.
  • Liquidity Services was recognized as a top e-waste recycler by Sims Recycling Solutions, the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, for recycling over six million pounds of e-waste in 2012. This is the equivalent of 750,000 gallons of gasoline conserved, 174,000 trees planted, or 1,500 cars removed from the road.


BIO: Tom Burton

Tom Burton is the Executive Vice President and President of the Capital Assets Group at Liquidity Services, trusted asset recovery partner to more than 6,000 organizations, ranging from government agencies to Fortune 1000 companies, located in 25 countries.  The world’s largest automotive manufacturers as well as hundreds of auto supply companies have used Liquidity Services’ online marketplace and its customized Asset Zone technology to manage the redeployment, valuation and disposition of surplus assets.  To learn more about how Liquidity Services can help manage your surplus assets, please contact  


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