New Pickup Trucks Coming to Chevy and GMC


The Detroit Bureau - April 16, 2013

Gen­eral Motors is count­ing down for the launch of two new pickup trucks for Chevro­let and GMC for 2015 in the mid­size segment.

Get more infor­ma­tion on all-new mid­size Chevy and GMC pick­ups.

GM hopes to buck the indus­try trend that has seen a sharp decline in demand for small trucks in recent years – and led both­Chrysler and Ford to aban­don the once lucra­tive mar­ket seg­ment. The maker intends to tar­get buy­ers who want some­thing sportier and more fuel-efficient than cur­rent full-size offer­ings like the Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado, said Mark Reuss, pres­i­dent of GM’s North Amer­i­can oper­a­tions.

But Reuss also promised that the smaller pick­ups will main­tain most of the capa­bil­i­ties of their full-size siblings.

It remains to be seen what names the two new mod­els will get.  There’s a good chance GM plan­ners will opt for some­thing entirely new rather than pick­ing up the Chevro­let and GMC name­plates the maker stopped pro­duc­ing last year.

“Don’t think of them as (Chevro­let) Canyon and (GMC) Col­orado replace­ments because they’re not,” said Reuss, dur­ing an indus­try break­fast mark­ing the start of the annual Soci­ety of Auto­mo­tive Engi­neers con­fer­ence in Detroit. “We’re research­ing the names as we do any new prod­ucts to see where the legacy names are, do they mean some­thing to people.”

That would sug­gest GM is quote open to using entirely new names that would give the com­pany the chance to com­pletely repo­si­tion the new trucks. With­out com­pe­ti­tion from Ford and Chrysler, the all-new Chevy and GMC offer­ings would have a cleaner shot at the Japan­ese imports that now dom­i­nate the seg­ment, the Toy­ota Tacoma and Nis­san Frontier.

Crit­i­cally, Reuss promised that there will be far more dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion between the Chevro­let and GMC mod­els than ever before. That extends to not only their basic design but also the way they will be marketed.




  • Chloe Romano

    Great post, I have always dri­ven Chevy trucks and have grown loyal to the brand, I’m anx­ious to see how the new model competes.