Corporate Fleet Operators Surveyed on Employee Policies for Distracted Driving

Aegis Mobility’s has released its Third Annual Work Place Distracted Driving Survey. It’s based on responses submitted by 547 professionals in the safety, risk and fleet management disciplines from employers across a variety of different industries.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly three quarters of employers in the survey have already adopted distracted driving policies – 71% of respondents work for companies that have adopted some form of policy to manage employee use of mobile devices while driving.
  • Employers without a policy will adopt one soon. Among 29% of companies without an existing policy, the survey finds that 52% plan to adopt a policy. Of those, 55% plan to adopt a policy within the next 12months.
  • Efforts to enforce distracted driving policies remain steady. 86% of total respondents report that their companies take some measure to enforce distracted driving policies. This number is steady when compared to 2012 survey results.
  • Current enforcement efforts are thought to be primarily manual and reactive. The most common method of policy enforcement is having employees attest (or acknowledge their driving behavior) with 81% in this category. Other enforcement methods include: Training (75%), Supervisor or Peer observation (72%), Post Crash Discipline (54%), Random Safety Audits (40%).
  • There’s a lot more work to be done.  Confidence is lacking in current policy enforcement. While most companies are taking some steps to enforce compliance with documented policies, confidence in those efforts is limited.

Click here to download and review the complete report.



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