CEI Group on Accident Damage Recovery from Third-Party Drivers at National Private Truck Council Conference, PHH Commits to Emissions Reduction and Energy Efficiency During Earth Week, GPS Insight Partners with Garmin on fleet 590 Connected Device

CEI Group on Recovery of Accident Damages from Third-Party Drivers
The CEI Group, Inc. will focus on how truck fleets can improve their accident damage recovery from third-party drivers at the National Private Truck Council Education Management Conference and Exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio. “We estimate that a significant portion of the $272 million in annual accident damage expenses that the trucking industry could recover from at-fault third-party drivers isn’t being recovered,” said Luann Dunkerley, CEI’s national manager of business development for truck and service fleets. The reason, she said, is that many companies try to manage the process internally and lack the resources and experience necessary to maximize their recoveries. Learn more.

PHH Advances Green Mission During Earth Week
From reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their vehicles to employee recycling initiatives, PHH’s annual Earth Week program included events such as an Adopt-A-Road Clean-up in Baltimore County, a tire pressure check since underinflated tires can lower gas mileage and lead to higher carbon emissions and a recycling drive. Additional internal environmental programs include energy use and waste reduction initiatives throughout the facilities and a LEED certification and ENERGY STAR rating for the PHH building.  PHH recently received certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, the benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Learn more.

GPS Insight Partners with Garmin on fleet 590 Connected Device
GPS Insight has partnered with Garmin to provide support for the fleet(TM) 590 connected fleet management device within its award-winning platform. The portable GPS device combines tracking capabilities for fleet management and the simplicity of Garmin navigation. GPS Insight has been selected by Garmin to integrate with the fleet 590 as it becomes commercially available soon. Now fleet managers can purchase one device that does both tracking and navigation instead of purchasing two separate devices. Since the fleet 590 is portable and does not require a direct hard wiring to the vehicle, all professional installation costs and customer downtime are eliminated. Learn more.



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