What Intelligent Transportation Society Award Finalists Mean for Auto Industry

V2V and V2X

Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) just named finalists for its award show. It’s going to happen during its 2013 annual meeting, which is taking place April 22-24 in Nashville.

Here are a few points to consider about the nominees and the organization itself:

  • The auto industry is taking it very seriously. Most all of the major automakers are members of ITS America. Other members include government agencies, research centers, technology providers, and trade associations.
  • As for the nominees, some of the recurring themes include:
    • The impact of thermal weather patterns on vehicle condition and road safety
    • Government agencies networking to optimize traffic control
    • The role of connected cars and telematics in the traffic grid
    • Transportation agency management and communications technologies
  • Winning such an award offers marketing cache in this age of smart transportation and connected cars. For OEMs and dealers, there’s a message to deliver dealing with three increasingly important issues: adopting intelligent vehicle technologies increases fuel efficiency, passenger safety, and freedom from ever-increasing traffic gridlock.


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