Understanding the Consumer Journey

customer journey

by Cars.com

Tai­lor­ing adver­tis­ing efforts to engage cus­tomers through­out their dis­cov­ery process

Last month, thou­sands of deal­ers, thought lead­ers and allied indus­try mem­bers met at the NADA Con­ven­tion and Expo to get crit­i­cal indus­try news and learn best prac­tices for grow­ing their businesses.

Work­shops cov­ered a range of top­ics, includ­ing the impor­tance of under­stand­ing the mul­ti­ple influ­ence points shop­pers hit through­out their buy­ing expe­ri­ence – what many refer to as the con­sumer journey.

In her NADA work­shop, “Dig­i­tal Moments that Mat­ter,” Lind­say Shultz of Google reit­er­ated the impor­tance of a strong online pres­ence by high­light­ing that 90% of car shop­pers do research online. Schultz pointed to the ZMOT Auto­mo­tive study, one of a hand­ful of mod­els dis­cussed at the con­ven­tion that sug­gests a strong shift away from the tra­di­tional buy­ing funnel.

• The role of mobile

A recent com­Score study indi­cates that mobile usage now accounts for nearly 40% of the aver­age person’s time spent online, mak­ing basic mer­chan­dis­ing and sales processes that are opti­mized for mobile users all the more important.

• How to influence

By imple­ment­ing customer-focused sales processes, sound deal­er­ship and vehi­cle mer­chan­dis­ing prac­tices, main­tain­ing a strong online rep­u­ta­tion and holis­ti­cally eval­u­at­ing cus­tomer engage­ment met­rics, deal­ers can begin to opti­mize their cus­tomer experience.

Learn how deal­ers are engag­ing cus­tomers through­out their car buy­ing jour­ney and how to influ­ence car buy­ers from the experts at Cars.com.