Time to Rotate into Spring

By OneCommand

Daylight savings is next Sunday, March 10th, and if you’re like most people, the spring forward will leave you tired and cranky. Don’t let it creep up on your customers; take the time to remind them about daylight savings and trust me, your service drive will thank you for the additional traffic. Here are three items to include in your daylight savings marketing so you can help your customers rotate into spring.

• Offer a Timely Reminder
Your customers are busy and most of the time, daylight savings is not something that they keep on their radar. Unless their phone, calendar, or Service Manager reminds them, it may be an inconvenient day that takes them by surprise. So, offer a helpful reminder to your customers about the time change; they will thank you for the heads up and reward you with additional service business.

• Offer Help with Vehicle Clocks

Let customers know your service team is available to offer assistance with adjusting the clocks in their vehicles. This may seem like a simple task to you, but it can be frustrating for someone with a new vehicle, who does not know how to set the clock. Even customers who have owned their vehicle for years may find setting the clock to be difficult and will welcome the kind offer for help. If your customers take you up on the helpful offer, your Service Department will be rewarded with additional foot traffic.

• Offer Useful Service Discounts
What better way to drive traffic to your service bays then offering customers a discount for a vehicle service? If they need help adjusting the clock in their vehicle, your service discount may be the deciding factor for them to seek assistance. Be sure to offer a discount that everyone can use, like an LOF, tire rotation, or some type of seasonal service package; that way you’ll be able to capitalize on the everyday services that your customers need.

So, what are you waiting for? Communicate the upcoming time change with customers to drive service revenue to your door and help your customers rotate their clocks into spring.





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