The Power of Success

By Randolph Lofgren

Everyone wants to be successful! But who’s willing to put in the effort and dedication to reach such a level? What’s more, getting to the top isn’t as hard as staying on top.

There are many factors that come into effect when businesses aren’t as successful as they need to be. That’s why it’s important to have the basic steps incorporated into your business. And, if you think you do, are they followed through and monitored like they need to be?

Let’s cover the basics that it will take to get to – and stay – on the top.

Business Plan

It’s very important that you review with each employee your business plan. Your staff has to know where you plan on taking your business. I call it a road map for Owners, General Managers and Fixed Operations Directors.

Setting Goals

Goals are set to give your employees direction. You need to sit down with each one of your employees, one-on-one. Make sure you’ve done your diligence and reviewed their daily sales, average per repair order, ELR, customer satisfaction scores, etc.

Action Plans

It’s your job to come up with action plans for each employee. With the information you’ve collected from their goals, you now need to develop action plans, to be monitored daily.

Product Knowledge Training

This step is so important. Have you ever gone to buy something and your knowledge on that product isn’t what you need it to be? Then you find someone to assist you and their product knowledge isn’t what you expected? It’s very frustrating!

Meet and Greet

This is the most important component to a business becoming successful. How many times have you encountered a restaurant host or hostess who was not very friendly? Or a waitress with poor communication skills? So train your employees on a proper meet-and-greet with top-level customer service skills. You must constantly monitor your employees. They are frontline.


Some of the best marketing I’ve seen is free. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing to bring in additional business. But can you handle the additional business with the customer service skills your employees deliver to your guests? A company with outstanding customer service will out-do any other company with poor customer service.

Take one step at a time. Master it, then go on to the next. It’s hard to beat a team with a solid plan!

Randolph Lofgren is the founder and president of Bottomline Consulting, specializing in Fixed Operations management and support staff consulting and training. Our thanks to the folks at Fixed Ops Magazine for this material.



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