The Deadliest Threat to Your Online Reputation

By Kathi Kruse

Generating a stellar online reputation takes leadership, commitment, focus and a foundation that’s built on treating the customer like a rockstar.  Treating your online customer as the enemy will kill any chances you have of building good will and ensuring positive reviews.  If your staff carries out this adversarial stance, you dig yourself deeper into the hole.

There are strategies and specific tactics to take with these online ratings platforms.  Most of your process is already in place and some training may be all you need to get going.  It’s a matter of simply enhancing your CSI procedures to include online ratings management. Here are some pointers:

• Make everyone in your store part of the ratings process.

• Create awareness of your online presence.

• Make sure each staff member knows what to say & when to mention you’d like them to talk about you online.

• Motivate, recognize and reward your team as you meet your goals.

• Include customer video testimonials throughout your web presence.

Negative ratings hurt everyone.  Taking an adversarial stance only compounds the pain.  The best strategy is to work online ratings into your daily operation.  There is no magic bullet, no “fix it and forget it”.  You must make good on every claim you make because promises mean nothing if your customers have friends who’re telling them otherwise.  A good system that’s managed well trumps every other solution to online reputation management.

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