Tesla Making 500 Model S Electric Cars a Week

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors has counted on pre-booking thousands of orders for its Model S electric car. So far, there’s been more than 10,000 people who’ve put down deposits and intend to buy one when its manufactured. Tesla’s VP of worldwide sales and ownership experience, George Blankenship, said in December that the company had been producing 400 units per week, and now that number has gone up to 500 according to a blog post by Blankenship.

Cranking it up to 2,000 units produced per month will speed up the delivery process, which will make customers happy who could grow frustrated and back away from the purchase. Fulfilling sales targets is very important as the company approaches profitability along with several legal and legislative fights with dealer associations. Tesla sets up fanciful retail locations, similar to what Blankenship set up when he played a similar role for Apple. Dealer groups are calling for enforcement of state franchise laws to stop it from continuing.



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